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Pierre Stamp

My name is Pierre J. LeBel; I finally reached the golden age of 65 in 2010 and live in the friendly city of Belleville with Mary, my goddess, and our cats Octavia and Sylvie.

My son Richard and daughter Caroline with her husband Brent and my two grandchildren, Serena-Claire and Morgan-Pierre, live in Toronto.

My decision to become a full-time stamp dealer came after several visits to CAPEX'87. Although the Stock Market Crash of October 1987 depleted my cash reserves severely, I started by offering approvals by mail.

Several years later, I opened a showroom in Toronto where collectors and dealers found all kinds of 'treasures' on my shelves. The showroom was closed in late 1992 as I was moving to Belleville in 1993 to own and manage a computer training school. I kept involved in the philatelic trade on a part-time basis until I sold the school in late 1997. I have been dealing in stamps full-time and had lots of fun doing it.

Over the years, I serviced over 9,000 philatelists and dealers worldwide, mostly through my eBay store. My eBay feedback rating exceeds 23,000+, one of the highest for Canadian stamp dealers.

I am a proud member of APS, ATA, RPSC, and CDC.

My mailing address is: Box 23075, Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8P 5J3

Now in semi-retirement, I no longer sell stamps directly or through this website.  My philatelic sales activities are limited to transactions originating on my eBay store. Please visit my eBay store for pricing and availability.

You can reach me by telephone at: (613) 968-5265 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST)
No evening or weekend calls, please.
or by email at  pierre@pierrelebel.com or plebel@cogeco.ca.

Thank you and have a very nice day.  Pierre J. LeBel

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